Pasta in the paddock

While we’re in Mackay, Adam and I are trying to fit in as many little trips as possible.

When we fly into the UK in a few weeks time, we’ll essentially be going in to our second winter this year, so we’re trying to make the most of Queensland’s warm spring.

Earlier this week Adam, myself and my parents ventured westward from Mackay, into the Pioneer Valley – a lush green swathe of cane farms and creeks.

At the little town of Pinnacle is an old church, which has recently been bought by two Sicilian men, who’ve turned it into the aptly named Church Cafe.

The Church Cafe at Pinnacle.

Both Adam and I ordered the penne alfredo. It was simple, but delicious – that true Italian style alfredo, where the cream sauce doesn’t dominate, it just coats beautifully cooked al-dente pasta.  I paired mine with a very Australian flat white coffee which again was just perfect.

A pretty perfect lunch- pasta and coffee.

There were four dishes to choose from for dessert.  We each picked something different, so were able to sample a little of everything.  I selected a panna cotta with blueberries, Adam had the tiramisu, mum a cannoli and dad a dark chocolate and almond cake.  We left Pinnacle very satisfied, and think return visit could be in order!

The church was decorated with simple timber furniture, brocade table runners and window furnishings and modern artworks.

The view over the cane paddocks wasn’t bad either.

The stunning Pioneer Valley.

To the finish off the day (and work off a little of that lunch!) mum and I decided to take a walk on Mackay’s Harbour Beach in the afternoon.

We didn’t spot any whales, crocodiles or sharks – but sand underfoot, waves lazily rolling in and sunshine on your back was still a pretty good tonic.

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