What’s been making me happy: November

Fluffy white flower, ferns and mint sprigs atop a black and white grid tablecloth.

Eleven months of the year down, summer is nigh, yet this last month has felt more autumnal than anything. It’s been a cool and wet spring, and despite Christmas now being just a few weeks away, because of the weather it still feels like we’ve got months to go. Despite that, I’m pretty organised for the festive season but I just don’t feel all that ‘Christmassy’ yet.

This month we’ve also seen COVID vaccination rates climb higher and higher in New South Wales, but the emergence of this new variant in the last few days brings with it a sense of anxiousness about what might be to come.

So all in all, a slightly strange month, but one that’s also brought with it some very lovely moment. This is what’s been making me smile this month…


Soft pink, green and white bouquet of flowers, featuring a protea and roses.

Last week Adam and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary. It’s not that long ago, but a lot of stuff – both personally and globally – has occurred since then – and it’s sort of distorted time in a way. We can’t quite believe that our wedding in November 2018 was also the last time we were in England. The day itself was uneventful, but in the evening we celebrated with a beautiful dinner out and Adam surprised with a gorgeous bunch of flowers. Dear friend and local florist Sophie cleverly created a bouquet that gave a nod to the flowers I walked down the aisle with. It was so personal and touching, and I can’t help but smile every time I walk past the flowers.


Pink, orange and brown blouse beside tan brown clutch bag.

In the last week Adam and I have had three evenings out. After so many months of limiting movements and social interactions, it’s been so nice to back catching up and celebrating with others. I’ve had great fun pulling together special outfits, putting on a little make-up and enjoying exceptional food and drink. I’ve made new acquaintances, caught up with others I haven’t seen in years and had great fun people watching. There are more get-togethers to come and I’m coming into this busy socialising season with an energy I can’t recall having in years gone by. Absence it seems, really does make the heart grow fonder.


Present wrapped in blue and white paper with bright pink ribbon.

Between Adam’s family and mine, December and January are full of celebrations – while Christmas is the obvious one, we both also have a number of loved ones who celebrate birthdays in the days and weeks around December 25. I’m sure I say this every year, but I do truly love curating gifts for those I care about. There’s something so fulfilling about thinking about what will bring joy and then finding that item or experience to enable that to occur.

What’s been making you smile in November?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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