Orange and poppyseed second birthday cake decorated with toy dump trucks and diggers.

Last week Paul turned two. We spent his actual birthday, just hanging out as a family. There were presents and video calls in the morning, and an afternoon spent at the park. This weekend past we had a little party for him (well, as much of a party one can organise within the current COVID restrictions). There were lots of ‘bloons’, a construction inspired cake created by Adam to reflect Paul’s love of ‘diggies’, and plenty of playing with some of gifts he received from near and far.

He’s changed so much in the last 12 months. Now a boy, rather than a baby. While getting to that first birthday felt like such an achievement, for both him, and Adam and I – it almost feels like this last year has been even more of an accomplishment…

Babies change oh-so-much in that first year, but to me it’s felt like this second year has been the start of the revelation of who Paul really is. He’s now very much his own person with unique likes, dislikes and personality traits. Sure we got a little glimpse of that while he was an infant, but toddlerhood amplifies it ten-fold.

At two, some of Paul’s greatest loves includes watching and playing with cars, trucks, trains, and buses. He will ‘drive’ his toy cars all over the house and gets very excited whenever we see vehicles in real life. Paddington Bear (or ‘Taa’ as he affectionally calls him) has been a favourite for many months and there are no signs that’ll abate anytime soon, and most days we have to venture into the back garden to dig in pot plants, inspect rocks and use the hose. He loves snuggly pre-bedtime stories with mummy and loud, boisterous play with daddy.

Toddler sitting on an armchair reading a book.

Paul does not like putting his shoes on in the morning… but then doesn’t want them taken off at the end of the day. Listening is a skill we’re working on, as is sitting still at meal times. He’s pushing boundaries daily (often with a huge grin on his face) but has recently started giving the occasional ‘soh-wee’ when reprimanded.

Paul is definitely strong willed and at times easily frustrated (like me). He often inspects the under-side of things to see how they work and gets a thrill out of going high and fast at the playground (classic Adam). He often will initiate affection, by coming over to Adam or I for a cuddle, loudly giving a contented little sigh and patting us on the back. And his wet little kisses, despite the fact they often result in me getting a cold, melt my heart. Paul’s language is also just exploding at the moment. It feels like everyday he’s learning new words. I love that he’s able to more easily communicate now, but likewise some things do still get lost in translation.

It’s beautiful and fulfilling to see him growing up and changing, but also challenging. Gone are the baby days, where your little person is passively compliant and easily portable. Now there are big emotions to process and a constant desire to move and explore. Here’s to year three and all of the wonder, joy and new demands that it will bring.

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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