Something to share: the multimedia edition

Cup of tea sitting on a wooden tray with black and white tea towel on a woolen blanket besides a vase of autumnal foliage

I really enjoyed writing up my slightly different take on this series earlier this year, where instead of sharing one thing at length I shared a few little things that’d popped up on my radar. With wintry weather and long, dark nights ahead of us in Australia now, I thought instead of items to purchase this post would take a look at things to entertain you.

So if you’re in need of some Netflix, Instagram and Spotify recommendations, take a peek at what’s been captivating me…


Do ever get in a Netflix rut and can’t seem to find anything to watch? Adam and I fell down that rabbit hole a few months ago and could never seem settle upon something we could get into together. Then Adam’s mum recommended Line of Duty to us – a BBC police drama that began in 2012 and earlier this year aired its sixth season – and we are well and truly hooked. In short, the show ‘s about a police corruption unit and each series essentially focuses on one investigation. Like most U.K. television shows, the series are quite short, but at an hour an episode it never feels like you’re short-changed. The producers manage to pack a lot of plot into that time. If you’re after something light-hearted and easy to watch, this isn’t the series for you. It’s gritty, the characters are complex and at times it’s really quite intense. But, after every episode Adam and I watch we always go ‘wow, that was good!’ I love a good police drama (think Shetland or The Wire) so Line of Duty feels like a very natural offshoot from that and I can’t quite believe I’ve never stumbled across it before – rather glad I have though!


I stumbled across Willow Crossley’s Instagram account a couple of months ago. She’s an author, stylist and florist who lives in the most bucolic Cotswold cottage, surrounded by stunning gardens. Her account generally comprises of very standard, phone camera shots of flower arrangements, the countryside, gardens and interiors, which are lovely, but I really enjoy her Instagram Live content the most. Generally once a week, Willow will set herself up in her studio and talk you through a floral arrangement. She’s very natural in front of the camera, and it genuinely feels like you’re listening to a friend. She’s got a fabulous collection of jumpers and in a world of face filters and photo editing I love that she’s very natural looking. Willow strikes me as the type of person who obviously loves what she does and gets great joy out of sharing that with others. If your Instagram feed is in need of some brightening up, I definitely recommend giving Willow a follow.


On days that I’m home with Paul I often like to have music playing in the background while we go about eating, playing and doing jobs around the house. While I like listening to music that I enjoy, it’s nice to also put on something that’s targeted at Paul. Spotify’s Toddler Tunes playlist is an almost three hour collection of children friendly music. It’s a mix of nursery rhymes, well known kid’s songs, as well as a few movie favourites. Paul loves bopping along and as a parent it’s a playlist I actually don’t mind listening to – some of the tunes are really catchy, and both Adam and I have found ourselves singing the songs at times when Paul’s not around! There are a lot of Australian artists featured and it’s just a fun playlist to listen to.

What’s been on your multimedia radar lately?! Share the love and feel free to add your own recommendations in the comments section.

Have a wonderful week and happy watching, scrolling and listening!

M. x

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