The week that was

Rolling countryside with storm clouds gathering on the horizon.

Well we’re already one month down in 2021 and it already feels like February is skipping along at pace. For me last week felt busy but manageable – a week full of eye-opening weather, quiet moments and new experiences with Paul.

This is the week that was…


Raindrops on lemons ripening on the tree.

I had an early shift on Monday, so as a result I’d finished by working day by mid-afternoon. It turned out rather fortuitous for me, as a summer storm rolled in right between me arriving home and going to pick up Paul from daycare. It didn’t last for long, but it produced a nice little drop of rain, which our plants quickly soaked up. The potted lemon tree out the back is heavy with fruit at the moment and once the storm had passed I couldn’t help but notice its new water covered look. It felt like such a summer sight – a lush green tree, full of fruit, dripping with droplets in the humid air.


Woman in tan leather loafers, jeans and blue and white striped shirt standing on a jute rug holding a cup of coffee.

Another early start for me. I’d eaten my breakfast at my desk at about 8am in between news bulletins, but by 9am I was really hankering for daily coffee. I drove home, caught up with Adam about how the morning had been and then made myself a brew. Because I’d already eaten I was able to savour my coffee and have a few quiet moments to myself. It was really nice to just sit in silence, sip the warm drink and switch off from the first few hours of work. It’s always really nice when a break feels like proper down time and you’re able to come back to the tasks on your to-do list with a refreshed headspace.


Rumpled linen sheets, awash with afternoon light.

Once again I had a pre-dawn alarm for work. Adam had decided to get up not long after I on Wednesday, getting a head start on the day before Paul woke up. It meant Adam was also able to finish up his working day a little earlier, so when I got home we were able to indulge in every parents’ greatest delight – an uninterrupted afternoon nap (no funny business I promise, we take sleep very seriously in our house!) I think I only slept for an maybe 45 minutes or so, but it was just the refresher we both needed before picking up Paul from daycare and launching into the nightly dinner/bath/bed routine.


Storm clouds high in the sky.

Thursday morning was Paul’s first swimming lesson. I had to hold him back from the water when we were poolside waiting for our session, but then he became a little more subdued once we entered the water, clinging onto me rather tightly. By the end of the lesson he started to relax a little, making a few big splashes smiling at the water flying everywhere. I’m confident it’ll be something he grows to love and I love we’ve now got this little outing every week. By Thursday evening dark clouds had started to roll in, ahead of what was predicted to be a very wet, very stormy Friday. I love the drama of storm clouds. They’re so dynamic and moody.


Toddler playing with Play Doh in a highchair.

Friday morning started rather benign. Adam slipped away into his home office and Paul and I alternated between jobs and playing. I cleaned the bathrooms and did the week’s ironing while Paul napped and then in the afternoon we watched the sky darken. By early evening the forecast thunderstorms and accompanying heavy rain arrived and for hours we watched and listened as more than 60 millimetres of rain drenched the earth. It’s not a huge amount of rain to fall in say a 12 hour period in many parts of Australia, but for us here in Wagga Wagga it’s fairly significant. Adam and I ended the day, sat on our front verandah watching a very impressive rain storm. It proved to be a very effective way to wind down and we both slept exceptionally soundly that night.


Calamari, spinach, mango and avocado salad beside an open magazine.

Adam had to work all day Saturday. Paul and I spent the morning in town, running errands and after he went down for his nap I made myself a ‘use-up’ lunch. It’s essential a lunch I make to use-up whatever needs eating in the fridge. Saturday’s combo was rather delicious – some frozen calamari I heated in the oven combined with the cheek of a mango, some avocado and a few spinach leaves. As I ate, I flipped through a pile of magazines I’d been gifted, daydreaming of faraway places with dreamy interiors. After the previous night’s storms the sky was the blue and air clean and fresh. It was the sort of day where you want to throw open all the windows.


Scotch fingers atop a biscuit tin beside two cups of tea.

It was a pretty typical Sunday in our house. I went to the gym in the morning and Adam mowed the lawn (currently growing at what feels like near record rate due to this week’s rain). I did some sorting and organising, planted a new parsley plant and wiped down window sills. There were leftovers for lunch (courgette and sweetcorn fritters), a big pot of tea and biscuits in the afternoon, and Adam’s home made pizza for dinner. A fitting finale to the weekend.

How has your last seven days looked?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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