A night out, in

Looking down at a table set for two with flowers, candles and wine glasses.

Last Christmas Adam and I were given a gift certificate for one of our favourite local restaurants, The Roundabout. We never found the opportunity to treat ourselves to an evening out before the COVID-19 lockdown rules came into play and we both agreed it’d be a nice little treat once the current restrictions were lifted. A few weeks ago though, the restaurant announced it was going to provide a takeaway service so one night last week Adam and I decided we’d have a ‘night out’, in the comfort of our own home…

In the afternoon I went about setting the table.  I picked some flowers from the garden, found some nice placemats in the linen cupboard and pulled out our pretty candle holders that we usually reserve for dinner parties.  As I was putting Paul to bed, Adam zipped into town to collect our order.

We’d decided to indulge in the restaurant’s set three course menu.  Each course was packaged up in individual little boxes – similar to the way meals are served on long haul flights… except, much nicer looking! We put some music on, lit the candles and dished up our special dinner.

We started with ‘Roasted Duck Tacos’, which came with shallots, a soy and sesame dressing and kewpie mayonnaise. The taco itself was beautifully crispy and the duck was luscious.  Adam and I both tried to savour each bite to try and replicate a true restaurant experience – chatting in between mouthfuls and sipping on a rather lovely local shiraz.

Roast duck tacos from The Roundabout restaurant in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

Next up was ‘Buttermilk Braised Lamb Shoulder’, served with fried pumpkin, pumpkin hummus, chickpeas and yoghurt.  The meat was tender and I adored the accompanying salad.  The pumpkin hummus was absolutely delicious and the colours of the dish fitted so well with the chilly autumn night.

Buttermilk braised lamb shoulder from The Roundabout restaurant in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

Dessert was ‘Toblerone Parfait’, which consisted of a chocolate mousse tart, crushed almonds and double cream. It was rich and decadent.  Generously sized, neither Adam nor I could quite finish our tarts.

Toblerone parfait from The Roundabout restaurant in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

Although we were both dressed in our pyjamas(!), Paul’s high chair was sat right beside us and washing that needed to be folded was at the end of the table, the night still felt wonderfully special.  It was so nice to linger over our meal, to indulge in three courses and support a local business affected by the shutdown.

The following morning when I spotted the flowers on the table, I couldn’t help but smile to myself – a sweet little reminder of the night before and certainly a special meal I’ll remember for some time to come.

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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