The week that was

Hydrangeas in a glass jar.

It’s been a long and tiring week to be completely honest but it was filled with a few sweet moments, that I’m keen to embed into my memory.  This is the week that was…


Bottles filled with jonquils and an indoor plant beside a table lamp.

On Sunday night I got a message from my friend Sophie, who runs a flower farm locally.  She’d over-ordered some blooms and wanted to know if I fancied a little bunch of white jonquils.  I absolutely adore jonquils and their heady scent, so I could’t say no.  I had jonquils in my wedding bouquet and smelling them again instantly transported me back to that special day.   I divided the flowers into two tiny posies and popped them into a couple of bottles, where they lived quite happily in the lounge room for the week.


Almost bare tree and a partly cloudy sky.

The start of the week was marked with incredibly foggy mornings – a common occurrence in Wagga Wagga in the winter – and brilliant blue skied afternoons.  I had a slightly earlier start than normal, so had a little extra time in the afternoon to enjoy the sunshine, which was lovely.  The deciduous trees in the front yard are almost bare now and although they look naked, I do love the pile of red, orange and yellow leaves beneath their trunk.


Looking down at a pregnant belly.

The last few days I’ve felt increasingly ‘pregnant’… if that makes sense!  My swelling belly means I can’t stand as close to the kitchen bench as I normally would and likewise if I get too close to my desk at work, bub often gives me a kick to remind me that there’s someone in there, who doesn’t appreciate the sudden squished living quarters!  I’m finding if I’ve been on my feet all day, I’m often sore by the evening and I’m feeling a little more tired than I have been.


Pastry lid of a pot pie with mashed potato and peas.

On Thursday night, Adam and I welcomed over Sophie, who kindly provided me with the blooms earlier in the week, her husband Tim and son Eddie. We often catch up mid-week for an early dinner and it’s such a nice to look forward to.  Adam whipped up some delicious pot pies filled with sweet potato, spinach, caramelised onion and goat’s cheese, which we ate with creamy mashed potato and peas.  It wasn’t the most visually appealing meal, but boy was it delicious on a cold night.  The evening ended with a listening session of our ‘secret pleasure’ music, which proved a lot of fun.


Feet in a bubble bath with candles and a bunch of flowers.

On Friday I finished a two week stint of managing our office.  It was a challenge at times and I decided to reward myself with a warm bath, surrounded by candles.  It was so peaceful just soaking in the water.  Adam loves wallowing in the bath for sometimes, up to an hour, but for me after 20 minutes I felt thoroughly warmed and relaxed.  It was nice to just close my eyes and listen to faint sound of the tiny bubbles popping, concentrating on my immediate surroundings.


Couple in black tie outfits, kissing in a lounge room.

On Saturday night, Adam and I attended Wagga Wagga’s business awards event.  Adam was nominated for two awards and although he unfortunately missed out on winning, we still had a lovely night.  The night was ‘black tie’ and we both had new outfits to wear.  Rose, who made my wedding dress, whipped up a maternity appropriate dress for me in a matter of days and it was so comfortable.  She made Adam a matching bow-tie and we both felt very polished in our best outfits.


A mug of tea sitting on a table in a bright lounge room.

After later than usual night before, both Adam and I could have happily spent Sunday in our pyjamas.  Instead we both had jobs to get done, so got stuck into them so we’d feel organised and prepared for the week ahead.  As silly as it sounds, I get really stressed if the house isn’t in some sort of order by Sunday evening.  I like to start Monday afresh and having piles of laundry or dirty bathrooms makes me think I’m not ready to tackle the challenges of the week ahead.  By mid-afternoon we’d finished everything and settled on the lounge for a cup of tea and piece of cake. The perfect way to end the weekend.

Have a wonderful week. x

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