A slow, sunny Sunday

Looking down a sunny footpath in Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, Australia.

It’s just been the most beautiful autumn weekend.   Cool nights, sunny days and a wonderful mix of places to be and quiet time.  The last 24 hours were just so languid and lovely I wanted to jot down my memory of them.  A reminder to look back on when a not so relaxed Sunday comes along…

As I open my eyes the dark haze of the night is starting to break up.  There’s a rim of light around each window and I can hear the cockatoos outside, already soaring high in the sky.  Adam is still fast asleep beside me, nestled down under the covers breathing deeply and steadily.  After my eyes adjust to the darken room and my senses become more alert I peel myself out of bed, pull on socks and pad into the kitchen.

On goes the kettle.  Mug out, bag in, boiling water carefully poured. While I wait for my tea to steep I open up the blinds, letting in the morning sunshine.  Satisfied with the colour of my brew, I give the bag three more jiggles before disposing of it in the bin.  Back to bed I creep, husband still dozing, drinking from my warm mug and quietly scrolling through my social media feeds catching up on the lives of friends and family around the world.

Slowly but surely Adam wakes up. We eventually exit the warm confines of the duvet and eat a simple breakfast.  Warm shower, in the car, off the gym we go for a hour of yoga, pilates and tai-chi finishing with a wonderful meditation.

Wanting to enjoy the morning sunshine, we find ourselves at a little local cafe.  Over warm drinks, banana bread and raisin toast we discuss local politics, baby strollers and our surroundings.  It’s then off to see family, where we gather in the lounge room.  Dogs are patted, more tea is drunk, the arrival of the baby is talked about in detail and a simple favour is exchanged.

Back home again and this morning’s unmade bed is beckoning. A little nap is had providing the energy needed to knock off a few little jobs, mainly washing, folding laundry and ironing.

Adam gets busy in the kitchen, preparing a traditional Sunday roast.  Pork this week.  I can’t work out if I’m more excited about tonight’s meal or the inevitable pork, stuffing and applesauce rolls that’ll follow tomorrow to eat up the leftovers. As he cooks, I take to my favourite corner of the lounge to write, stare out at the window and just sit quietly, thinking about the days ahead.

Have a wonderful week. x

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