Saying goodbye

Golden leaves on tree tops set against a blue sky with wispy clouds.

Why are goodbyes so darn hard? In a few days time Adam and I will fly out of the U.K. and the last week or so has been a blur of wonderful catch-ups, meals and hang-outs with our England based friends and family…

Worcestershire has been blessed with some beautiful late autumn days and I’m savouring the cold, frosty mornings, the last remaining golden leaves that are clinging on bare branched trees, and the dramatic light that seeps into the windows from late morning to early afternoon.

Golden leaves on almost bare branched trees.

For so long we’ve known we’re returning to Australia and I deposited the thought into ‘the end of the year’ basket in my mind.  When we made the decision, it seemed so far away and there were still so many more weeks of adventures to be had. Now it’s here and I keep getting lumps in my throat about the farewells and inevitable tears that will be shed.

I’m taking solace in the fact that we will be back in Malvern within a year for our wedding and the utter excitement and joy that visit will bring.  Adam and I have also vowed, while we’re living in Australia, to visit the U.K at least once a year, so there’s the wonderful thought of picking and choosing holiday times to coincide with certain seasons or events. I’m also trying to temper the sadness with the excitement of returning to Australia – the old, familiar faces we’ll see again, the lovely home we left behind and the challenge of returning to the world of journalism.

The countdown to our departure has also resurfaced the initial feelings and thoughts I had when we first arrived in England. I’m more acutely aware of my surroundings and certain sights, smells and sounds. We’re staying with Adam’s mum at the moment and the smell of her favourite bath soak reminds me of my arrival in Malvern in October 2016 and that first shower I had after that long plane journey from Australia. I think that’ll forever be ‘the smell’ of her house to me.

The bags are almost packed, there are possessions already on a boat bound for Australia and I’m squeezing in final visits to all my favourite local places.

Pastry and hot chocolate sitting on wooden table.

Goodbye Great Malvern, Worcestershire, England. You’ve been a superb surprise and really exceeded all of my expectations. I will miss you dearly.

Adam and I won’t be back in Australia until a week or so before Christmas. We’re splitting our journey in two, in order to go to a friend’s wedding in South Africa this coming weekend. Hopefully it’ll help with the acclimatisation to warm weather again!

7 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. It’s been almost ten years now since our son and his family left the UK to live permantly in New Zealand. I think of them every morning and each time I look at the moon! So pleased you’re coming back annually.


    1. What a lovely comment! It’s hard when two people come together and their families are from opposite sides of the world, but I think regular visits and lots of phone calls, text messages and video calls makes the separation easier. Must of been much more difficult when technology wasn’t as advanced (or cheap). Have a wonderful week. X

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