An English wedding

A close up of a "Just Married" balloon.

I had the privlege of attending my first English wedding at the weekend.  Adam’s mum got remarried and it so lovely to be a part of the celebrations.

Whenever I think about an English wedding, it’s always Four Weddings and Funeral that comes to mind.  Historic stone churches, top hats and tails and a young Hugh Grant.  This wedding was a little different.  There was no church, no men in fancy hats (but there were a few ladies in fabulous fascinators!) and no Hugh.  It was refreshingly real.

There was a stone building – the beautiful Malvern Registry Office, set off the town’s Winter Garden which is starting to come to life with the first of the spring blooms, snow drops.  It has amazing stained glass windows and some of the best floors I’ve spotted in a long time.

Feet on intricately tiled floor.

The groom wore a Union Jack waistcoat and the bride and bridesmaids beautiful home-made dresses.  Frank the Corgi even had a matching bow-tie.

Bride and groom at wedding ceremony.

Frank the Corgi.

Although it was a brief ceremony it was full of humour, loving words and few raw emotional moments that I must admit made my heart swell with joy. It always feels like such an honour to be invited to share such a momentous occasion in a couple’s life and for me personally I truly felt, perhaps for the first time, I was a proper part of Adam’s extended family.

Bride and groom signing wedding register.

There was a lunchtime reception at Adam’s grandparent’s house and an evening gathering at the bride and groom’s home. An all day celebration involving the consumption of lots of glasses of prosecco, perhaps even more cups of tea, dainty sandwiches, decadent cakes and delicious pizzas.

Bunting and food at a wedding reception.

It was unlike any wedding I’ve been too, but so perfect for the happy couple.  And really at the end of the day that’s what it’s all about.  Two people who care so deeply for one another coming together and celebrating ‘them’. Ain’t love grand?!

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