The first snowfall

The imprint of LL Bean Boots in the snowy ground.

I nervously watched the weather forecast all last week.  Snow had been predicted across a large part of England and on Thursday afternoon it started to fall.

Snow falling in Malvern, Worcestershire

I was incredibly excited, as it was first snow I’ve seen in England.  There’s just  something about those flakes of ice that puts a smile on my face.  I didn’t see snow until I was 21, working and living as a television reporter in south-west New South Wales. While driving with a cameraman to our shoot location for the day, I mistook hail netting on apple orchards for the real stuff!

I’ve visited the Australian High Country dozens of time over the last decade to both ski and play in the snow, but seeing it fall naturally on the place where I’m living is something I’ll never forget. It didn’t settle in Malvern itself on Thursday afternoon, but standing in our front yard watching the snow gracefully descend to the ground, was enough to keep me happy.

You can imagine my smile then, when the next morning Adam and I woke up to everything covered in white! It was only an icing sugar dusting – nowhere near enough for a snowman, but enough to fully cover the ground, roads and roofs of all the houses nearby.

Adam had an early start at work, so I took advantage of being awake at the crack of dawn to rug up and head out for a wander around. There was a brief, but beautifully colourful sunrise that I was lucky enough to see before the clouds rolled on in again.

Close up picture of snow with a pink and orange sunrise in the background.

A snowy path in a park with a pink and orange sunrise silhouetting a large tree.

My morning walk was just wonderful – there was the scent of wood fuelled fires in the air and I passed ruddy cheeked children on their way to school with big grins on their face (much like me!) taking in the snowy scene.

Stone cottage with dry stone wall in front of it covered in snow.

Girl standing in snowy street with scarf and hooded coat on
One excited little Aussie!

Snow covered front yard of Georgian house with bird feeder

The snow was all melted by the weekend and there’s no more forecast in the next week or so, but fingers crossed we see another flurry or two before the winter’s out!

2 thoughts on “The first snowfall

  1. Lovely pictures you have taken our Mel. It looks delightfully cold, we would like some cooler weather here at the moment with another heatwave coming by the end of the week! Love Mum and Dad xx


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