The week that was

Pink king protea in a tall blush pink vase, beside a candle in an amber jar.

This last week has proven patience can be a virtue. It’s been about taking advantage of rest when you can, planning for the future, and spending plenty of time outdoors noticing the world around me.

This is how my last seven days looked…


A striped sheet turned down over a linen navy blue duvet cover.

I had an incredibly busy day at work on Monday. It involved a lot of screen time and a lot of intent listening, and by the end of the day I was absolutely knackered. It wasn’t a physical exhaustion I felt, more a mental one – my brain was simply tired from thinking. I was in bed not long after Paul and my goodness didn’t it feel like a treat.


Looking down at red bottlebrush flowers.

Over the last fortnight or so, the bottlebrush bushes in our front yard have erupted with flowers. Fluffy, red blooms that are thick with the sound of bees darting from flower to flower. Bottlebrushes are fairly prolific around Wagga Wagga, but their pinky-red flowers always make me smile. I love watching the bees in the evening, just before the sun sets when it’s starting to cool and the wind’s died down for the day. There’s some meditative almost about just listening to nature.


Looking down on a half opened king protea flower.

Over Tuesday night and into Wednesday morning the heavens opened and the rain fell for hours on end. When I opened up the curtains on Wednesday morning, I noticed one of the king protea flowers on the bush in our garden (coincidentally beside the bottlebrushes) had started to open. The flower heads had been sitting their months. Adam was threatening to cut them off a few weeks ago, convinced they weren’t going to bloom. I asked him to leave them alone, still optimistic they would open. It was almost as if they just needed that drink, in order to bloom. There’s a second bud on the bush, so I’m hopeful it’ll soon open too.


Looking down on tile, paint and laminate samples.

Work is well and truly underway on our new house, and Adam and I couldn’t be happier. On Thursday morning we had an appointment with our cabinet makers to start discussions about kitchen, laundry and bathroom design. I love this stuff and have been enjoying playing around with colour palettes, utilising different sample cards. Hopefully by the end of the week we’ll most of it sorted and then it’ll be all systems go.


Looking down at a woman's legs, toddler feet and wooden toys scattered everywhere.

Paul’s language has exploded over the last little while and his constant nattering has made play time quite fun. He’ll now have bursts of independent play, where he’ll chatter away to himself acting out noises or talking with his toys. Then when he plays with either Adam or I he’ll instruct us to do things “turn!” He’s also going through a phase where he loves us to build his train set or a house with his Duplo blocks, then proceeds to wreck it… only to tell us to fix it again!


Toddler in oversized hat standing by a puddle and holding a stick.

Adam was away for a few nights this week, so on Saturday morning while we awaited his return home, we spent a couple of hours at our neighbourhood park. We wandered from the playground, to the undulating open areas but the hit of the day was a large puddle and a wooden stake. Under careful supervision he had a jolly good time poking the water and splashing on the edges of the water. There’s something lovely about watching a child take items that adults would discard and turning them into a magical experience.


Looking down on a number of open magazines with interiors of houses in the images.

Adam was back on the road for work by lunchtime Sunday, but in the morning he and Paul went on a little adventure, giving me an hour or so at home alone. After scooting round and doing a bit of tidying up, I spent some time flicking through some interiors magazines to gain some further inspiration for the new house. It was so nice to have a little quiet time and to identify elements I like and don’t like in each space.

And that was the week that was. How has your last seven days looked?

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

2 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. A day of screen time and intense listening is indeed exhausting. It does sound as if you have a wonderful adventure ahead with the house. But most fun of all will be watching Paul’s language continue to develop. I treasured those days.

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