The Station Collective

The Station Collective and The Sill in Coolamon, New South Wales, Australia.

I think it’s fair to say 2020 has been a tumultuous year. Life as we know it has been turned upside down and we’ve had to confront isolation, lockdowns and uncertainty. What I love about my little part of Australia though, is despite it all, new shops, cafés and restaurants have managed to open and thrive.

One such example is The Station Collective, a beautifully appointed coffee shop with a super unique location…

Situated in the beautiful little town of Coolamon, about 20 minutes drive north of Wagga Wagga, The Station Collective lives at the local train station. Recently opened by Jess and James, (who renovated the space themselves) it serves tea, coffee, cold drinks and light meals Friday through to Sunday. Adam’s known Jess and James for some time, and this space has been their dream for years.

The Station Collective coffee shop in Coolamon, New South Wales, Australia.
The Station Collective logo on its menu.

We arrived early one Saturday morning, and chose to sit alfresco, on the actual platform of the station. There, we were able to see the town’s silo complex and Paul was mesmerised by the big trucks that were offloading their trailers of grain, freshly harvested on nearby farms. We drank coffee, ate home made flatbreads and enjoyed the cool breeze that blew in under the shade of the platform’s verandah.

The platform at the Coolamon train station in New South Wales, Australia.
Milk jug and plant on a table at The Station Collective in Coolamon, New South Wales, Australia.

Adjoining the coffee shop is The Sill, a ‘living homewares’ shop full of beautiful plants, pots and other goodies. The two spaces work seamlessly together and I had a lovely time browsing while the boys maintained a close watch on the trucks.

The Sill in Coolamon, New South Wales, Australia.
Looking down a feet in slides standing near plats in wicker baskets.
The Sill in Coolamon, New South Wales, Australia.

The whole space had such a comfortable, relaxed feel about it – the sort of place, where you go in expecting to have a quick coffee and end up ordering a second drink, a bite to eat and walk out with something new for the house.

Being a train station, it’s pram and wheelchair friendly and if you’ve got little ones with boundless energy, there’s a little playground right beside the platform.

We’ll definitely be repeat customers, and it’s such a cute, quirky location for a coffee/homewares shop I know it’ll be a spot we’ll show off to friends and family when they’re visiting too.

Have a wonderful week.

M. x

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