The Inspiration Files: Kindly, Darling

Logo for Temora based fashion business, Kindly, Darling.

I feel exceptionally lucky that I live in an area that’s thriving with independent small businesses.  While I don’t claim to make all my purchases from stand-alone shops, I do try to support entrepreneurs that take the risk to create something unique, all of their own.

Today on The Inspiration Files, I’d like to introduce you to two budding business ladies who are taking the plunge and launching Kindly, Darling – a Temora based fashion business with a twist…

Please introduce yourselves Tell me what is Kindly, Darling?

We are Ali & Libby. Two small town women with big dreams, refusing to let our geographical location prevent us from pursuing our passions. We are also mothers, who are extremely conscious of the environmental impact our choices have on the planet we are leaving to our children as well as the example we are setting with what we think is acceptable treatment of other human beings.

It is because of these reasons, and our love of fashion, that we are launching, Kindly, Darling; a one-stop-shop for the most sustainable fashion labels on the market, aiming to reverse the current wardrobe crisis that’s killing the planet, without compromising on current trends.

Ali of Kindly, Darling - a Temora based ethical fashion business.

What sparked your interest in sustainable fashion – and why do you think its important for the industry to become more sustainable/transparent?

In today’s ‘tech’ world we are constantly glued to screens, learning from social media, websites & documentaries. It was in this sense that we were educated about the ramifications fashion was having on the world.

Ali had watched the ABC’s ‘War On Waste’ and was particularly horrified by the waste created by fashion, with Australian’s throwing out more than six tonnes of clothing every 10 minutes. She then pledged to a year of #nonewfashion, as well as continuing to educate herself on the matter, reading countless books, blogs, listening to podcasts and watching documentaries.

On a coffee catch up with Libby, and discussing Libby’s hope to have her own fashion business, Ali recommended watching the True Cost documentary. Appalled at the industries mistreatment of people & the planet this sparked Libby’s interest in learning more about the industry and its impacts.

Chatting with girlfriends about fashion and sustainability it has become clear quickly just how little people know and how important it is that the sustainable fashion movement really takes hold. The fashion industry is one of the world’s biggest polluters, second only to the oil industry. It is also responsible for keeping millions of people in poverty, with the average garment worker earning a lowly 36c an hour.

Transparency & traceability are enablers for change. By brands adopting a culture of transparency they become open & accountable. In the words of Orsola de Castro, founder and creative director of Fashion Revolution “Transparency provides an open door. We can’t fix what we can’t see… We need to make it as easy for us to see the clothes as it is to buy the clothes.”

Libby of Kindly, Darling - a Temora based ethical fashion business.

When it comes to my own wardrobe I like to invest in quality pieces I know I won’t tire of, and that I’ll be able to wear season after season. What’s your top tip for dressing a little more mindfully?

Firstly, it is important to embrace your personal style – a lot of the clothing waste is from people buying on trend rather than what suits their style. It’s important to spend some time getting to know your style. Think about your daily activities and practical clothes for these. What clothes do you already have and gravitate towards? What clothes do you have but never wear? What is it about these that you like and dislike? Spend some time in your closet and you will see you do have your own style – we all do.

Secondly, take photos of clothes you have in your wardrobe and save them in an album on your phone. That way when you are shopping and find something you like you can access what’s in your wardrobe at home. Will it go with your current clothes? Is it to your style? Do you have something like it already?

Finally, in the words of Coco Chanel “Fashion has two purposes; Comfort and Love. Beauty comes when fashion succeeds”. Do what feels good for you.

Thanks Ali and Libby, and best of luck with your new venture!

If you’re interested in learning more and potentially giving your wardrobe an overhaul, Kindly, Darling can help you do so here.

Logo © Minta Viski /images © Peppermint Studios and republished with permission.

Have a wonderful week. x

2 thoughts on “The Inspiration Files: Kindly, Darling

  1. Wonderful interview.. it’s great how more documentaries like the one on Netflix are raising awareness of the horrific amounts of waste being created by the fashion industry.


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