The wedding: through my eyes

Mrs B mug sitting on a table next to a candle.

It’s often said that your wedding day is one of the happiest moments of your life and I can safely say, that very much was the case for me. Adam and I have been married for just over a week now and I’m still smiling at the absolute perfection the day was.

It was over in a flash, but ever so lovely – to be surrounded by so many friends and family from both England and Australia was truly a gift.

The first of what I’m sure will be hundreds of professional photographs have started coming through (and I’ll share those soon!), but I thought today I might show you the wedding through my eyes…

To be honest, I barely took a photo all day, so this is a rather abridged version of what happened.  I’m normally the one snapping away, but there was so much to do I hardly had time stop and take any pictures! I can remember thinking though, as I captured each moment, that these were scenes I wanted to be able to see again.

Our venue, the magical Lyde Court just north of Hereford, was absolutely stunning under grey November skies.  The rain held off and although it was cool it wasn’t as cold as it could’ve been – pretty darn lucky for this time of year really! Myself, my bridesmaid and mum got ready in the aptly named ‘White Room’, which had the most lovely views of the surrounding countryside.  I felt very calm in the hours leading up the ceremony and I’m sure the peaceful surrounds contributed immensely to that.

View from the 'White Room' at Lyde Court, Herefordshire, England.

The gardens at Lyde Court, Herefordshire, England.

Walking down the aisle and seeing glimpses of our nearest and dearest and a tearful Adam made my heart fill with so much love. Gail our wonderful registrar oversaw a simple but special ceremony and it was all over so quickly. There were signings, hugs, kisses and photos and before I knew it we’d sat down to share a meal of pies, mash and vegetables, surrounded by candles, fresh hops and what felt like a million tiny fairy lights.

The barn at Lyde Court, Herefordshire, England.

Couple on their wedding day.

Fairy lights in the barn at Lyde Court, Herefordshire, England.

There was dancing (oh, so much dancing!), bonfires, cheese, and port into the evening before Adam and I snuck away to our bridal suite on site. It was simply furnished, but it was a quiet hideaway where we were able to full digest the momentous day and night we’d just experienced and start life as a married couple.

The Bridal Suite at Lyde Court, Herefordshire, England.

Ceramic bunting hanging above a mirror, spelling out Mr and Mrs.

We shared breakfast with friends and family back in the 17th century barn where we’d be married the afternoon prior before setting off on a brief ‘mini-moon’ in the idyllic Herefordshire countryside.

I’m definitely still floating on a post wedding cloud of bliss and really can’t wait to show you more of our special day.

Have a wonderful week. x



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