The farm shop

Cox's Apples for sale in a farm shop in Worcestershire, England.

One of the lovely things about being back in England is having the opportunity to visit the dozens of farm shops that surround Malvern.

Farm shops are usually independently run and generally sell locally grown produce and meat as well as baked goods, pantry staples like honey and preserves, as well as regional beers and ciders.  They’re like tiny little farmer’s markets dotted all over the countryside and if you love your food, they’re an utter joy to nose around…

The other day after running a few errands, Adam and I popped into the Crumpton Hill Farm Shop to pick up a few supplies. Set amongst an orchard and with a beautiful view of the northern foothills of the Malvern Hills, it’s a sweet little store that’s always full of goodies.

Crumpton Hill Farm Shop, Storridge, Worcestershire, England.

Eggs for sale at a farm shop in Worcestershire, England.

There’s something very satisfying about seeing proper ‘raw’ produce – carrots covered in the dirt they grew in, vegetables of a variety of shapes and sizes and a seasonal specials, like brussel sprouts, which always remind me of my first Christmas in England (they’re also a winter Sunday roast staple in Adam’s family).

Carrots for sale at a farm shop in Worcestershire, England.

Brussel sprouts for sale at a farm shop in Worcestershire, England.

I also get a kick out of seeing all the varieties of apples that are grown in England- it feels like almost every town in the country has its own ‘apple’ and there are always dozens of choices – even in your standard supermarket.

Bramley Apples for sale at a farm shop in Worcestershire, England.

Picnic table near a bare orchard in Worcestershire, England.

We walked away with a lovely loaf of locally baked bread and a bag full of bright, red tomatoes, still attached at the vine, which I’ve been been eating whole as a snack in between meals.

After the wedding (two sleeps to go!) Adam and I are moving out from his mum’s place to a little apartment and I’ve got a feeling, we’ll be frequenting nearby farm shops often, so we can make the most of having our own little kitchen.

To digress sightly, we’re as organised as we can be for the wedding and it’s been lovely welcoming my family from Australia and other special guests over these last few days. I’m sure coming days will be a whirlwind and I’m trying my best to soak it all up and enjoy the magic that is a wedding, as well as bask in the joy of watching our English and Australian lives, friends and family intermingle.

Adam and I aren’t doing a traditional honeymoon after the wedding, but we will be sneaking off to a special place for a few days alone before we move into our own place so I will be taking a little break for the blog during that time (I’d keep your eyes peeled on Instagram though!)  I’m looking forward though to sharing some snippets from our big day in the weeks ahead, so please pop back again soon. I’ll catch you on December 3rd!

Have a wonderful weekend… I’ve got a feeling mine will be a good one ;). x



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