Savouring Sundays

The lake at Croome Park, Worcestershire, England.

Now that Adam and I know we’re moving back to Australia, we’re trying to savour and enjoy the time we’ve got left in England. A few Sundays ago, while Adam was away on a work trip, I awoke to a particularly mild autumn day. It was overcast and slightly breezy and had the hankering for a good old walk.

I wasn’t in the mood for a wander on the Malvern Hills, so decided to take myself back to local National Trust property, Croome Park,  which I visited for the first time last December. While I loved exploring the main house on my last visit, I wanted to spend some time in the 700 acres of parkland that surround the property…

I decided to walk around Croome’s perimeter – a long ambling walk that afforded me wonderful views of the house, no matter where I was.

Sheep grazing at Croome Park, Worcestershire, England.

I soon found myself in a small woodland on the edge of the man-made Croome River. Although we haven’t seen a terrific show of autumnal colour this year, I’m still rather fond of the subtle displays that are around.  It’s lovely ‘swishing’ ones walking shoes through piles of crunchy leaves and breathing in that lovely, damp smell woods exude.

Woodland at Croome Park, Worcestershire, England.

A pair of feet in Bean boots, walking across a wooden walkway in autumn.

The Croome River, Worcestershire, England.

After leaving the woodland, I climbed a rather steep hill towards a stone pavilion. There were marvellous views out across the entire estate and I pulled a book out of my bag and gladly sat taking in the countryside between reading, chatting with fellow walkers and meeting quite a few dogs.

Stone pavilion at Croome Park, Worcestershire, England.

Peering over the top of a book onto the Croome Park estate in Worcestershire, England.

Not far from the house I spotted a wizened old apple tree, heavy with fruit and shining like jewels against the subdued tones of the surrounding vegetation. The closer I got, the sweeter the air became.

Fruiting apple tree at Croome Park, Worcestershire, England.

Apples growing on a tree at Croome Park in Worcestershire, England.

It wasn’t long before I was back at my starting point and amongst dozens of other people, who like me, had decided to use their weekend for a wander. I feel ever so lucky that places like Croome are so easy to get to from Malvern. I’ve always found a trundle through nature such a calming, relaxing thing to do. I find my spirits are instantly lifted and I’m keen to fill the remainder of my Sundays in the U.K. full of similar outings.

Have a wonderful rest of the week. x

3 thoughts on “Savouring Sundays

  1. Congratulations on your engagement. When will you and Adam be headed back to Australia? I’m excited things went well for both of you. Hope you have a lovely wedding and wonderful life.


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