The first harvest

Baby salad leaves growing in a pot.

After weeks of diligent watering, weeding and a bit of help from mother nature, Adam and have undertaken the first ‘harvest’ in our terrace vegetable garden!

The salad leaves have been the quickest to grow and we’d been watching the little plants get bigger by the day, just waiting for the right time to snip off some buttery soft goodness.

Colander of baby salad leaves on wooden chopping board.

We decided to make a simple salad out of the leaves, adding spring onions, avocado and boiled new potatoes covered in a mint and spinach dressing.  It was all doused in balsamic vinegar and we added a couple of grilled lamb cutlets to the mix.  Delicious!

The best part is, there are still a few more ‘harvests’ left and a second lot of leaves we planted have sprouted.

Our own potatoes have also come along in leaps and bounds and Adam tells me they should be ready to dig up next month.

Potato and onion plants.

Onions aren’t the most exciting vegetable to watch grow, but the shoots emerging from the pot are tall, straight and green – so that’s got to be a good thing right?!

The pea plants are starting to climb the trellis Adam made for them and I love taking a peak every few days at the way they’re attaching themselves to the wire.

Pea plants climbing a trellis.

Our carrots too are getting bigger, secretly under the soil.  We know *something* is happening as they no longer have tiny shoots for leaves, rather delicate frill-like ones.

Tiny carrot leaves emerging from a planter pot.

The garden has slipped into a bit of a mid-spring lull at present.  The camellias are almost at the end of their run, which is a little sad as I’ve enjoyed their bright pink blooms in jars around the house for weeks.

Our rose bush however, which sits right by the front door, has developed some buds in the last fortnight or so and I’m eagerly awaiting the first blooms.

In the meantime I lashed out and bought myself a bunch of £3 freesias. They’re just starting to flower and I love their soft, sweet scent.

Freesia flowers in a vase.

What are your favourite flowers to have in the house?


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