Something to share: the supermarket rose makeover

Looking down on a bunch of pink, white and red roses.

It’s no secret that I love having fresh flowers around the house.  While it’d be dreamy to have a stunning florist designed bouquet sitting on the kitchen table every week, I know my budget just doesn’t quite stretch that far.  Often for me, I’m either picking something out of the garden when it’s in season or treating myself to the occasional purse-friendly bunch from the supermarket.

The other day I stumbled across a video showing how to take one of those $10 bunches of roses you often find while doing your grocery shop and make it something a little more special.  Curious, I decided to give it a go…

I started reading Emily Schuman’s blog, Cupcakes and Cashmere, years ago and quickly came to love her approach to ‘elevating the everyday’.  As time progressed though and my interests and outlook on life changed it became one of those blogs I started to check less and less, and now I’m only an occasional browser of the site.  I still follow Emily on Instagram though and that’s where I found her supermarket rose hack video.

A bunch of pink, white and red roses.

Essentially after stripping each stem of its leaves, thorns and sepals (those green parts below the flower that cover up the bud before it’s bloomed), you start to turn back some of the petals, leaving a still tight core in the very centre.

The roses I picked up for my little experiment weren’t the freshest but I have to admit they were given a mew lease of life by this little trick.  Adam didn’t even recognise they were roses initially, asking me ‘What are those flowers you’ve bought?’

A bunch of pink, white and red roses sitting in a vase on a bookshelf.

I know of the dozens of bunches of supermarket roses I’ve picked up over the years, most of them fail to open fully – so I reckon this is a great way to get that ‘big bloom’ look when you haven’t got access to fresh, locally grown roses.

Do you have any tips for taking an average bunch of flowers are turning them into something more?  I’d love to know!

Have a wonderful weekend. x

2 thoughts on “Something to share: the supermarket rose makeover

    1. Very interesting reading. Thanks for the link lovely. Definitely something to keep in mind. Better just start buying wholesale off my favourite North Wagga florist!


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