The day heel: a week in review

Woman standing in cognac Everlane day heels near flowering bush.

Last month I took the plunge and ordered a few things from Everlane.  The one item I was probably most excited about was receiving a pair of ‘day heels’– one of Everlane’s most popular and highly lauded products.

The shoe’s ‘I’m a high heel, but not really’ look appealed to me and now the weather’s warmed I’ve been able to give them a proper test.

So last week, I wore my day heels for five days straight…

I’m not a regular heel wearer.  My usual footwear of choice in a typical working week is flat Chelsea-like boots in the winter and ballet flats or loafers in the summer. I occasionally pull out a pair of heels for special occasions, but even then I’m normally keen to kick them off after a few hours of wear.  To wear a ‘heel’ for a whole week, was going to be challenge.

As mentioned in my previous post, the first challenge I needed to overcome was working out the innersole situation.  One that was sorted (one full innersole and one half innersole in the front of the shoe) and I’d given the suede material two coatings of waterproofing spray, the heels were ready to go.

Woman standing in cognac Everlane day heels on jute rug.

Last Monday morning I pulled them on, with a slight sense of trepidation.   I often don’t know what my working days will end up involving, so I hoped the shoes were up to the task.  By mid-morning I found myself in a bushland covered park and I have to say the shoes were remarkably comfortable ‘offroad’.  I also didn’t feel like I was wearing a pair of shoes that were totally inappropriate for the situation.   I was able to navigate a gravel carpark, concrete path and grassed areas with ease.  Day one was a success.

Woman standing in cognac Everlane day heels near flowering daisies.

Days two through to four, I was primarily based in the office and the heels provided no problems at all.  The shoes did feel tighter in the evening, compared to when I put them on in the morning – but to be honest, I think that’s pretty normal with any shoe, as your feet do generally swell a little over the course of a normal day.   I had been a little worried the elasticised back of the heel would dig in, as that’s normally a key spot for blisters on my feet, but I was pleasantly surprised to experience no rubbing at all.

Woman standing in cognac Everlane day heels on patterned door mat.

On Friday I did find myself with two little blisters underneath the crease of my big toes.  They weren’t huge, but I was beginning to feel them by the late afternoon. I think the  day’s warm temperatures, a lot of walking and errand running in my lunch break and the fact my half innersoles were made of that ‘gel’ material and were only placed in the shoes and not ‘stuck down’, all contributed.

Overall, I’ve been really happy with my day heels.  I love the block heel and find that style so much easier to walk in compared to a stiletto.   I love the tiny boost of height I get, without compromising on comfort.   And I love the cognac suede colour I selected – I feel like I’ve found a pair of shoes I can wear with almost anything.

Have you jumped on the day heel bandwagon?  What’s your experience been like?

Have a wonderful week. x

This post is not sponsored, but does contain a referral link. If you shop through that link I may receive an online credit.  As always, all opinions are my own.



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