Looking out over a paddock where horses and ponies are grazing to wooded hills in north-east Victoria, Australia.

February flew by. It felt like the year started properly this month – back to routines and finding a rhythm to the weeks again. I got so caught up in it all that I completely forgot to post last week (!) but I think it was serendipitous, because it means I get to share an impromptu weekend away with you…

Adam suggested a few nights a few Thursdays ago, as he was travelling back to Wagga Wagga after a work trip. I said ‘Yes, why not?’, and within the hour we had two nights booked in a little cabin on a farm in the Victorian High Country.

It was the first trip away from home we’d had since our extended visit to the U.K. last year, and it felt wonderful to jump in the car with bags packed with that eager anticipation of discovering somewhere new.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Victoria’s north-east and it’s a region I really love. Undulating farmland, areas of tall Eucalyptus forest, creeks and rivers galore, and some very quaint communities. Bullioh, where we were based did not disappoint. The cabins we stayed in were a little dated and rustic, but they were clean and comfortable. There was a view from virtually every window, and the area around the cabin was fenced in with a barbecue area, fireplace and lots of shady trees. There are three cabins on the farm, but we were the only guests on the weekend we visited and it was really lovely to have the entire area to ourselves.

Farmland around Bullioh in north-east Victoria, Australia.
Looking through a red checked curtain to undulating countryside in Victoria, Australia.

I particularly loved the mornings at the cabin. We awoke to birdsong – a combination of cockatoos, galahs, magpies and currawongs – resident horses, ponies and mules munching on grass, and the slow and steady creep of the sun’s rays over the countryside.

Sunrise over the hills in Victoria Australia's High Country.
Early morning sun peeks through a tree and spreads out over farmland in Victoria Australia's High Country.

The farm backs on the High Country Rail Trail – a disused rail line that’s been turned into a walking and cycling track. There was an easy to walk path from the cabins over a couple of paddocks on the farm that takes you straight to the trail and a stunning timber trestle bridge. We walked up to the bridge and along the trail twice during our visit. Paul loved playing in a little creek not far from the bridge, and Adam and I enjoyed the views and stretching our legs. One morning we even spotted a wombat snuffling around.

Timber trestle bridge along the High Country Rail Trail in Victoria, Australia.
Creek through bushland in north-east Victoria, Australia.
Small child carrying a stick on a walking track through bushland in north-east Victoria, Australia.

It was a simple, relatively inexpensive weekend away but one we all came away from feeling relaxed. That combination of fresh air, simple meals and family time (without the usual household jobs distraction).

Last light over a paddock of horses, ponies and mules in north-east Victoria, Australia.

It was such a success that Adam and I have decided we want to try and do a ‘ family weekend away’ every quarter this year. Somewhere close, but new-to-us, where we can self cater and just escape life for a few days to reset. Suggestions as always, very welcome.

Have a wonderful few weeks, I’ll catch you at the end of the month.

M. x

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