Small pink roses in a vase on a windowsill.

All going to plan, Adam, Paul and myself will depart for the U.K. tomorrow. It’s been almost four years since Adam and my last visit. A pregnancy and a global pandemic thwarted previously planned trips, so to say we’re a little excited is probably an understating it. We’ll have nearly six weeks with Adam’s family in Worcestershire to reconnect and enjoy the last month or so of what’s proven so far to be exceptional English summer…

Of course to get there we’ll have to navigate something like 25 odd hours of travel, which’ll include two long-haul flights – with a toddler. We’ve got stickers, colouring books, toy cars, snacks and headphones. We’ve already perused the in-flight entertainment menu to see what might pique the young man’s interest and are hoping his general fascination with planes will hold us in good stead. Adam and I are both fully aware our days of getting on a 14 hour flight and knocking over a novel or watching four movies back to back probably, for the moment. I think we’re going into the commute with low expectations – 25 hours of travelling is tough as an adult, let alone a nearly three year old – but we’re trying to be prepared as possible. Send us your good vibes nonetheless.

Adam and I have a few plans already locked in: We’ve a wedding to attend towards the end of August, there are few little day/overnight trips we’d like to make to visit special people and places, and Adam and I are planning a few nights away just by ourselves, but apart from that, our plan is just to enjoy being back in the community we once called home.

Atop the Malvern Hills in Worcestershire, England on a cloudy summer's day.
Meadow of flowers in Malvern, Worcestershire, England.
Wheat growing in a field near Malvern, Worcestershire, England.

For months Adam and I have been daydreaming about visiting some of our favourite pubs and cafes and sitting outside in the sunshine, enjoying things that are a little hard to come by in Australia. We’re desperately longing for an amble along the Malvern Hills, to hear the sound of English birdsong and the smell that unique scent that bathes the countryside in late summer. We also are really looking forward to some really very unremarkable outings like visiting the Waitrose supermarket in Adam’s home town, shopping for pyjamas at the shop I worked in part-time when we lived in England, and spotting squirrels in the park.

Paul will also be meeting most of Adam’s family for the first time on this trip, so that will be very special. I know Adam is especially keen to recreate some of his childhood memories with Paul on this trip and I really cannot wait to see that all firsthand.

As I’ll be abroad there’ll be no blog post next month. I’ I’ll no doubt take 30 trillion photos, so if you’re keen to follow along with our holiday, pop on over to my Instagram.

Have a wonderful August and I’ll catch you in September.

M. x

3 thoughts on “July

  1. Have an awesome time. I very much miss Worcester. I have very fond memories of my time there. Enjoy every minute 🙂


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