The adventure begins…

Today’s the day.

After months of list making and weeks of slowly packing up, our departure from Wagga Wagga is upon us.

I’ve lost count of the number of lists we’ve made about this move.

At the start of the year, my English boyfriend Adam and I decided we’d move to his home county of Worcestershire when his Australian visa ran out.  We’d lived life together as a couple in Wagga Wagga, it was time to give life in the UK a go.

I’ve lived in Wagga (as the locals call it) for almost a decade.  It what was only meant to be 12 months, but career opportunities came up, friends became family, a house was built and home it became.

Sunset in Wagga Wagga.

It’s been a bittersweet last few days.  The excitement of our upcoming adventure beckons, but saying good-bye to the people we love and the community we care about has been really hard.  I’ve lost count of the number of teary moments I’ve had.

We don’t fly out of Australia until the end of the month, so over the next few weeks we plan to road-trip through western New South Wales and Queensland as we make our way north to my parent’s place in Mackay for a final good-bye.

Much of inland Australia has had one its wettest winters in recent history.  It could make for some interesting driving conditions!






3 thoughts on “The adventure begins…

  1. Hi Adam and Mel, well the adventure begins! So looking forward to seeing what the future holds for you both and where you end up settling in the UK. I will certainly be watching this space for updates. Take care and happy travels, love Kerri and Adrian

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  2. Proud of you guys!! As a fellow lover of a man from the UK, you’ll have a blast over there Mel. Good luck and I can’t wait to read about your adventures! xx

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  3. Hi our Mel and Adam glad to see you are keeping a “diary” as we oldies say of this big adventure together. We look forward to reading your updates and can’t wait to see you when you get to Mackay. Love Mum and Dad xx

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