Local life: Temora’s laneways

Laneway in Temora, New South Wales, Australia.

The other week I found myself in Temora– a little town about an hour north of my home in Wagga Wagga.   Adam had a meeting to attend, so I took advantage of a day off work to keep him company on the drive up.

After taking a leisurely wander down the main street and discovering some lovely things in this gem of a shop I ventured further afield, and took a stroll down a few of Temora’s laneways…

I’ve always loved a laneway- there’s something so very appealing about a narrow little road, bounded by either buildings or countryside.  To me, they always seem inviting, like they’re begging to be explored.

Brick building and corrugated iron fence in laneway in Temora, New South Wales, Australia.

In many country Australian towns, laneways were often used as service roads.  They were at the back of properties and used to access garages, gardens and garbage bins. I enjoy taking a sneaky look into people’s yards.  So often the front of a house can look so very different to the back.

Old corrugated iron shed in a laneway in Temora, New South Wales, Australia.

I love the character of these roads too – there’s so much texture from all the different building materials and often remnants of years gone by.  Old signs, big old trees that generations of children must of climbed and often old dogs lazily snoozing near back gates.

Lemon tree overhanging wooden fence in laneway in Temora, New South Wales, Australia.

I’d never been down any of Temora’s laneways before and it was just delightful to discover a part of this town I’d never been bothered to look at before. There weren’t any hidden bars or coffee shops (like you might find in a Sydney or Melbourne laneway) but there was something really sweet about quietness of these tiny streets on a mid-week day.  It was peaceful and there was just a really a simple beauty to them.

My little adventure has got me excited for a laneway themed festival coming up in Wagga in a few weeks time – seems I’m not the only one who’s a got a thing for laneways!

Have a wonderful weekend. x


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