The welcome hamper

Close up of a wicker picnic basket.

In a few hours time my mum, dad and brother will land in England. Fairly soon after Adam and I announced we were moving to Worcestershire, my family decided they would come and visit us in the English summer. After so many months of talking about the trip, I can’t quite believe it’s almost here!

It’s been around 10 months since I’ve seen my parents and closer to 11 months, my brother. Although we call and text on a regular basis, it’s still not quite the same as being able to talk face to face.

They’re splitting their time between Malvern and travelling around the U.K. so to help them get over their very long journey and to welcome them to our little part of Worcestershire, I’ve made up a small hamper…

The apartment Adam and I live in isn’t big enough to accommodate everyone, so my family are staying in a little bungalow a short drive from us. It’s fully self contained, so I’m hoping my little care package will make those first jetlag hazed days a bit easier.

I found this gorgeous little picnic basket in one of the second hand shops in Malvern. One of its rear hinges has been replaced with a piece of ribbon, but it was too cute to pass up.

Wicker picnic basket sitting on a rug in front of a stone wall and near a pink flower.

Pink flower growing against a stone wall.

I’m hopeful that we might get to test it out as a proper picnic basket over the next few weeks!

Inside is tea, coffee, sweet and savoury biscuits, a few cheeky beers, a magazine to flip through and a belated birthday present for my dad. I’ll add some nice cheeses, milk, eggs, bacon and home-made bread later today.

Wicker picnic basket full of tea, coffee, biscuits, beer and presents.

I found these pretty little cards in a local stationary shop a while back and a I’ll leave a welcome note for them inside the basket.

Dragonfly greeting card sitting atop a wicker picnic basket.

Adam and I are very excited to show everyone around the local area and it’s exciting that our two families will finally get to meet face to face.

I can’t wait to share our combined family adventures with you all over the next few weeks.


7 thoughts on “The welcome hamper

    1. Hello! Thank you so much for your kind words. My family lives in Australia. If you would like to read more about my back story and how I came to live in Worcestershire you can do so in the ‘About’ section. Have a lovely Tuesday! M. X


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